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Claudia Fickat is an international artist and photographer who has worked with clients across Europe and America.


Born and raised in France and currently based in New York City, Claudia is a self-taught artist whose works explore boundaries across candid life scenes and the creative expressions of fashion, art, music, and cinema.

She grew up in a  multi-cultural household in the wealthy area of Champagne and has always sought opportunities to transcend her early experiences of the limitations of race and class and to explore their intersections.


She has used her artistic talents and personal experiences to propel her life and to empower diversity through her projects. She is always looking to expand her horizons, in both life and art.

Claudia is spending most of her free time reading, watching Broadway  musicals, in movie theaters and in libraries. 

By the way, was it you yesterday at the cinema?

Sophia Tsikalas

BBC America


Niamh Falter     



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