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From Drawing/Painting to Photography 

Claudia began drawing when she was 9-years-old, mostly at home and in Monsieur Nigon’s class at Blanche-Cavarrot, Reims, France. Her sketches were mostly of castles and exotic flowers, showing her wish to see different perspectives, and explore the world, from the beginning.

At the urging of the school librarian, Claudia created her first painting, a subtle, yet compelling piece reminiscent of Gustave Klimt's symbolism. In her senior year, she had her first exhibition, located on the school campus.

This was enough to spark her interest across media, most notably in photography. She discovered groundbreaking photographers like Doisneau, Reed, and Kapa. Their arresting work guided her to her true calling: photojournalism. 

Claudia has had two more exhibitions, in Lyon, France centering on women, and is still eager to capture her world. Through her lens, she wants to shed illuminating our common humanity and shared struggle.

Arziki Phenyo

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